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Kurzer Gambeson Gr. L Fb. Schwarz

Kurzer Gambeson Gr. L Fb. Schwarz

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Kiefer, The Kings' Bane

Kiefer, The Kings' Bane
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Siege was upon us. Year after year, our stockpile of food was shrinking, and our morale followed. However, the worst news was our iron stockpile.
After quite some time forging new heavy maces our soldiers used to break through the enemy's armour, we had almost none left,
and going on the battlefield to scavenge some weapons was suicidal. That's when Pierre le Grand had a strange idea. All listened.

He said we should make star-shaped maces, that would take much less iron to forge. Their points would pass through the enemy's armour,
while the weight of the weapon would do the rest of the job. We tried it, and to everyone's surprise, it worked. The enemy, waiting for our surrender,
was amazed at our will to fight, so much that their troops lost the will to hold a city that was as stubborn as us. We got peace,
and these maces became the symbol of our city, of our will.


This new historical mace combines a wooden handle with a steel-coloured head. The whole weapon, and of course the spikes,
are made of Calimacil foam, making it exceptionally durable and safe, for years of realistic fighting. Graceful despite its simplicity,
this mace can be wielded by anyone, masters and newcomers alike.


This weapons can be used by a almost any character. Savage warriors, bloodthirsty monsters and dark warlords will appreciate the sound of bones breaking under it,
while merchants, travelers and the greatest innkeepers will use this mace as a simple weapon that can be used without years of training.

Gesamtlänge ca: 106,7 cm
Gewicht ca: 416 g


Kiefer, The Kings' Bane

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